Photo of me in Tea Plantation in Munnar, Kerala

I’m Yogesh Bhawsar.
I live in Pune City, where I develop beautiful apps.

I’m a Software Developer, who loves to build beautiful and fast apps. I work mostly with React and React Native. Futhermore, but I also like Svelte for building web apps.

I am a self-taught developer, who started learning to code when I was 15. I was a big fan of the Windows Phone and I started by creating small tweaks for the Phone, I was quite popular among the XDA Community. Then, My Cousin Swapnil Bhavsar, who was a web developer, introduced me to Web Development. Since then, I started building websites.

I started my career as a Frontend Developer at Chitranu, where I worked on building websites for the company. I was assigned a project to build a mobile app for the company. Then, I started working on React Native full-time.

Today, I work as a Software Developer at OSP where I architect and build mobile apps for iOS and Android, Sometimes I work on frontend web apps using React and Svelte.